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Mariano Blejman marianet at he.net
Mon Mar 17 18:12:37 UTC 2014

Hi there,

We're organizing again the Media Party, this crazy event that occurs in
Buenos Aires. So, please,

Save the Date! 27 to 30 August, 2014 Buenos Aires, Argentina

Media Party is back!

Four awesome days of conferences, workshops, demos, networking and an "open
data" hackathon. Journalists, analysts, designers, programmers and
activists from around the world gather to restart the media.

For the third consecutive year, returns to Buenos Aires the Hacks/Hackers
BA 2014 Media Party <http://www.mediaparty.info/>, the largest productive
gathering of media in Latin America. In 2014, we expect 30 experts from the
best interactive innovation projects worldwide, 50 workshops and a media
fair with more than 70 news projects. In addition, there will be 10,000 usd
prize for the hackathon as part of HacksLabs <http://hackslabs.org/> - the
first accelerator journalism projects data for Latin America, and an extra
day conference to gather for four days at the best digital ventures from
four continents. The meeting will be held from 27 to 30 August in Konex
Cultural City, Buenos Aires.

The Media Party is organized by Hacks/Hackers Buenos Aires , the local
chapter of a global network of media innovation. Buenos Aires chapter has
2800 members and growing. Last year 1,000 people gathered for 3 days and we
positioned ourselves as the most ambicious productive event at the south of
the Continent. In 2012 and 2013 we had the presence of media and experts
from 21 countries and 4 continents, among them The New York Times, the BBC
, Chicago Tribune , The Guardian, Spiegel Online, etc. and products like
Zeega , DocumentCloud and Sourcefabric . The 2013 edition was the largest
Hacks/Hackers meeting in the world !

According to a survey by the production team, 70 % said that the experience
of participating exceeded their expectations , 85 % felt the Media Party as
an event with a social impact and 99 % of attendees last year said he would
like to participate in 2014. This year, we aim to consolidate our position
as the innovation event in the world's largest Spanish-language media and
for this we will build a community meeting space to learn and work with the
pioneers of innovation applied to the generation of audiences, production
news, data journalism and new forms of storytelling in the digital world.

The promise is to accelerate change through creative networking activities
, improving the provision of workshops on diversity and levels, and
encourage interdisciplinary tool production and journalistic initiatives
through mentoring and incentives.

The Media Party is made possible by the support of organizations like
Knight Foundation, Knight- Mozilla News Open, Mozilla Foundation,
International Center for Journalism, World Bank Institute, etc, and a
network of over 60 volunteers. To learn more about the HHBA Media Party, we
invite you to see the official video of the 2013
<http://www.mediaparty.info/>edition and visit the event website. To
register for Hacks/Hackers Buenos
Aires<http://www.meetup.com/HacksHackersBA/>click here .

Mariano Blejman - Knight International Journalism Fellow
International Center For Journalists
mblejman at knight.icfj.org
Hacks/Hackers Buenos Aires
marianet at he.net
mob: +5491150080629
skype: jfk_knoppixxx
twitter: @blejman @supleno @cult_digital @hackshackersba
LinkedIn: http://linkd.in/97kuH9
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