[ddj] Groundbreaking Journalism Conference, Berlin, 3 April

Matthias Spielkamp 1472-717 at onlinehome.de
Tue Mar 18 19:59:41 UTC 2014

Hi there,

for those of you in Berlin or vincinity, check this out. It's free
(registration required via the website). Hope to see you there.


iRights.Lab and the Vodafone Institute for Society and Communications
cordially invite you to the international conference "Groundbreaking
Journalism - At the Intersection of Man and Machine", taking place in
Berlin on 3 April 2014.

William Gibson famously said, "The future is already here — it's just
not very evenly distributed". Using this insight as a guideline, we will
be discussing present and future developments at the intersection of
humans and machines in journalism with German and international
journalists, developers, media executives, and academics.



The event will be streamed live via the conference website.

Morning Sessions

When worlds collide: Innovation and Journalism

Keynote: Ludovic Blecher, Directeur Général, The Digital Innovation
Press Fund, Paris

One-on-one with Ludovic Blecher
host: Matthias Spielkamp, partner, iRights.Lab (@spielkamp)
followed by Q&A

What kind of software does journalism need?

Lightning Talk: Jonathan Stray, AP/Knight Overview Project (@jonathanstray)

Panel discussion with

- Jonathan Stray
- Annette Leßmöllmann, Professor for Science Communication, Karlsruhe -
Institute of Technology (@annetteless)
- Dirk von Gehlen, head of Social Media and Innovation, Süddeutsche
Zeitung (@dvg)
host: Geraldine de Bastion, newthinking.org (@geralbine)

New Ideas for a Changing Media World
Presentations (t.b.a.)

Breakout Lunch Sessions

- New Ideas for a Changing Media World: Conversations with presenters
- Exposing the invisible: Film Screening

Afternoon Sessions

A Crystal Ball ? Predictive Analytics and Reporting

Lightning Talk: Jonathan Gosier, Founder, D8A Group and Abayima (@jongos)

Panel discussion with
- Jonathan Gosier
- Domenika Ahlrichs, deputy managing editor, ZEIT Online (@dahlrichs)
- Lorenz Matzat, founder, Lokaler (@datenjournalist)
host: Solana Larsen, managing editor, Global Voices (@solanasaurus)

Are drones a journalist?s best friend?

Panel discussion with
- Ben Kreimer, Drone Journalism Lab, University of Nebraska (@benkreimer)
- Marek Tuszyinski, co-founder, Tactical Technology Collective
- t.b.a.
host: Matthias Spielkamp, partner, iRights.Lab

With visual recording by Julian Kücklich (@playability).

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