[ddj] Politician data tools/sites

Maurizio Napolitano napo at fbk.eu
Mon Aug 10 17:12:21 UTC 2015

In italy
The website creates for you some infographics to understand the
behavior of each politician at italian parliament by reading data like
number of presences, number and kind of votes, number of laws proposed
and/or signed ecc..
With this data you can monitor the activity of a politician, compare
the behavior of 2 different politicians, have informations about the
cases where the politician, he acted differently from other members of
his party.
The set of data is also represented with an indicator of productivity
The algorithm, in the past, has changed the attitude of some
politician who, in the ranking, was in low position.
The website also offers the possibility to enrich news of the fact
sheet of each politician.
Openpolis - the ONG behind the project - periodically publishes some
analysis like "the number of occasions where the opposition could have
win if each member had been present in parliamient" or "the number of
politicians moved from a party to another" ecc...
The project born in 2008


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