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Hi Juan,

Fantastic news. Looking forward to hear more from you.

On Fri, Feb 27, 2015 at 12:37 AM, Juan Torres <juanjosetorres at hotmail.com>

> Hi all,
> This might be of special interest for Brazilians and other Latin Americans
> on the list. We are launching the first Journalism++ chapter outside of
> Europe, which is the first data journalism agency in Brazil. We are very
> excited about it. Here is the press release regarding the launching.
> Please, feel free to contact me on private and get back with your
> feedbacks!
> Cheers,
> Juan
> Across the Atlantic: Journalism++ opens its first chapter outside of Europe
> Journalism++, the data journalism agency, opens its first chapter outside
> of Europe: Jornalismo++ São Paulo, also the first data journalism agency
> in Brazil. The Brazilian office will strenghthen current data journalism
> teams and lead projects of data-storytelling for news media organisations
> in the region, adding up to J++'s portfolio of award winning projects such
> as Datawrapper, Detective.io and Broken Promises.
> Brazilian newsrooms are catching up to the data journalism revolution,
> although most of them still don't have the resources to hire professionals
> from different backgrounds, such as Computer and Data Science, Design and
> Social Network Analysis, to lead data-driven investigations. Jornalismo++
> São Paulo is an effort to fill this gap with a handpicked team of experts
> with an extensive experience in major Brazilian newsrooms and data
> journalism projects. "We want to bring data journalism to Brazil, helping
> newsrooms that want to do good journalism with data, but don't have the
> manpower to do it in the short term", says Marco Túlio Pires, journalist
> and programmer, one of the founders of the chapter in São Paulo.
> Besides Marco Túlio Pires, who also coordinates School of Data Brazil, the
> team in São Paulo is lead by four other professionals: Juan Torres, editor
> of city's desk at the Correio newspaper, the biggest in Salvador; Natália
> Mazotte, teacher assistant at the Knight Center for Journalism in the
> Americas and also School of Data Brazil coordinator; Tiago Mali, Training
> Director at Brazil's Association for Investigative Journalism; and Thomaz
> Rezende, who worked as a programmer and designer for VEJA Magazine.
> The name of the agency is a pun between a common operator in programming
> languages and journalism itself. "The operator '++' means 'plus one' to a
> certain numeric variable. In other words, we want Jornalismo++ to go
> beyond traditional journalism, even beyond what's already on the web. In
> our work, we increment journalism with skills from other areas, such as
> Computer Science, Design and Data Analysis", explains Natália.
> Jornalismo++ São Paulo will also maintain a blog about Data Journalism (
> http://jornalismodedados.com) with the latest updates in the field for a
> Portuguese-speaking audience. For more information about J++ São Paulo
> visit their website: http://jmaismais.com/?lg=_en.
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