[ddj] Tool for User's Guide

Anastasia Valeeva anastasiya.valeeva at gmail.com
Fri Jun 5 08:08:56 UTC 2015

Dear List,

I am searching for a tool for a user's guide / manual,

It should be smth like the one on the picture attached (chapterized and
But also secure, accessible online, editable by participants, with ability
to insert hyperlinks and - important - graphically attractive.

I came across Scrivener and will give it a try,
But if you have any other ideas, could you please share with me?

Thanks for your time,

Kind regards,
*Anastasia VALEEVA*
*Freelance Data/Journalist, MA Student*
*University of Siegen*

+49 152 23506934 (DE)
+32 489 748 542   (BE)
+7 916 486 69 69  (RU)
anastasiya.valeeva at gmail.com
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