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Hello Jonathan,


I write with some exemples, 






I wish they can be useful

Best regards,



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Hi Jonathan,

In France :
- Piketti (et al)'s fiscal simulator:
- Open fisca: http://www.openfisca.fr/



Le 13/06/2015 17:19, Jonathan Gray a écrit :

(Apologies for cross-posting!)


I'm currently collecting examples of fiscal data visualisations for a
research project (for further details see below). If anyone has any ideas of
projects that we should add I'd love to hear from you! :-)


All the best,




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Hi all,


I'm currently collecting examples of fiscal data visualisations for a
research project. The project is looking at how different kinds of
visualisations and visual elements are used to narrate public finances -
whether by journalists, civil society organisations or public sector bodies.


Once we have collected a decent corpus of examples, we will do a bit of
analysis. In the medium term I hope this will become a useful reference for
those interested in using data visualisation for advocacy and/or journalism
around public finances.


I've started out with an initial list of 165 different projects, but am keen
to include:


  * More examples from around the world;

  * More examples of different kinds of visualisations and visual approaches
- especially those that go beyond top-down overviews and spending over time;

  * More examples of different types of stories and narratives around public
finance. For example many projects focus on top beneficiaries or ranking
departments, but I'm keen to see more compelling examples looking at things
like tax revenue and tax distribution, comparisons of spending per capita in
different areas, trans-national comparisons, etc.


The list so far is available here:




If any of you can think of examples to add, please do pop me an email, ping
me on Twitter (at @jwyg), or add to the following forum thread:




Many thanks for your help!





Jonathan Gray

Director of Policy and Research | @jwyg <https://twitter.com/jwyg> 

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