[ddj] [JOB] We're hiring a digital designer

Patrick Maynard patrickmaynard.bs at gmail.com
Thu Mar 12 17:26:31 UTC 2015

We're hiring a digital designer to join The Baltimore Sun's newsroom data
and presentation team.

If you're on this list and have used a programming language to wrap SQL
queries -- choose your favorite flavors of each -- there's a good chance
you should at least talk with us.

*Here's the listing*


*A bit about our output*

The person we choose will get to pitch and work on projects like these.



(ONA award tie with ProPublica in Explanatory Reporting)

(SND award of excellence)

(SND award of excellence)

*A bit about us*

Our data team works in the middle of the Sun newsroom. Even the specialists
among us are cross-trained, which means that we are all able to code a loop
at the very least, and we can all do a locator map for print in a pinch.
The majority of our time is not spent on locator maps, however. We
encourage designers to find their own data and pitch their own ideas: with
more than a half-dozen federal agencies headquartered in Maryland, you'll
always be able to find a locally relevant data set to play with, and we're
always looking for chances to try new presentation tools.

We can promise you that you will grow in our newsroom.

And Baltimore itself is fun. It's a dense, eastern city with costs of
living far below its peers. The Sun is within walking distance of not just
the Orioles, Ravens and National Aquarium, but also two full grocery
stores, dozens of restaurants that stay open well after business hours, the
country's first music conservatory, the country's oldest cathedral and a
public library that regularly hosts lectures by beltway luminaries.

We're also near a few rail transit lines to farther-flung locations, for
those addicted to novelty.

Interested? Get in touch with us
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