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Thu Sep 24 17:33:51 UTC 2015

By the way, Eric, I've been noticing a lot of digital tools coming out of
Georgia recently.

What's going on there?

marcelo träsel

2015-09-24 8:48 GMT-03:00 ericnbarrett at gmail.com <ericnbarrett at gmail.com>:

> Hi everyone,
> I would like to share something we've been working on at JumpStart -
> Xtraktr <http://xtraktr.jumpstart.ge/en>. Xtraktr is a data tool which
> makes working with survey data easier, but not just survey data.
> We had a local need in Georgia (the country) to make it easier for
> organizations to publish their data since our work is so dependent on
> access to datasets that describe the issues so important in our country. We
> thought to reduce any obstacles preventing orgs from publishing their
> survey and other data online. We also wanted to start to create a catalogue
> of local datasets so we and anyone else could find them and use them.
> Fortunately, ePaństwo Foundation <http://epf.org.pl/en/> invited us to a
> hackathon last year where we got to start working on it. Then UNICEF in
> Georgia <http://unicef.ge/> asked us to build a data portal using their
> survey data, which allowed us to build out our tool as we (and they, of
> course) wanted, but get funding for it :).
> Xtraktr makes it easy to upload and explore a dataset, but really excels
> at survey data and you can easily upload an SPSS or Stata file, as well as
> a CSV or XLSX file. Once uploaded you can do a whole bunch of configuration
> so tailor what users will see. We really couldn't find free tools that were
> easy to use that made it easy to do something with an SPSS file. We wanted
> journalists and NGOs to be able to do more with survey data than what they
> currently do without huge fees.
> The code for the application is open source
> <https://github.com/JumpStartGeorgia/Xtraktr>, but you can use our hosted
> version <http://xtraktr.jumpstart.ge/en> if you like. You can easily
> create an account, and you can create an organizational account, too, once
> you create your own account and invite other people to become members of
> the organizations.
> When you upload a dataset, you can choose which datasets are public or
> private. Once 'extracted', Xtraktr creates a codebook of your questions and
> answers (variables). You can edit the questions and answers, choose which,
> if any, you don't want to include in the publicly explorable dataset, or
> which answers you want to enable the users to exclude from the analysis.
> Any dataset you upload automacally gets added to a restful API
> <http://xtraktr.jumpstart.ge/en/api> with which you can interact with the
> data using URLs and get JSON responses.
> You can make a variable mappable by mapping it against a shape set. You
> can upload new shape sets in GeoJSON format if you need to. This enables a
> choropleth map of single variables.
> You can weight questions by adding one or more weights and match weights
> to one or more of your questions.
> You can explore categorical variables as single variables (bar, pie, map,
> table) or cross tabulate them (stacked bar, table). You can filter the
> data.
> All visualizations are widgets that you can download or embed in other
> online media.
> In addition, you can translate a dataset (questions and answers,
> explanatory notes, categories and even the application interface) into as
> many languages as you like. Xtraktr makes it easy be enabling a mass
> changes spreadsheet that you then re-upload with the new translations and
> any other edits you like to the texts.
> Currently, you can only visualize categorical data - this is a result of
> the initial survey focus. However, we are presently working to enable
> visualizing and exploring relationships of integers/floats and that should
> be ready in a month or two (hopefuly)!
> To conclude this long explanation, I'd love to hear your thoughts and see
> if this meets any of your case uses and if there are features you like or
> things that you think we need to improve. Also, if you would like to
> collaborate on this, we would also love to know that too :).
> Looking forward to your feedback,
> Eric
> ---
> Eric Barrett
> Executive Director
> JumpStart Georgia <http://jumpstart.ge/en>
> Check out Feradi Info <http://feradi.info/en>!
> Check out Xtraktr <http://xtraktr.jumpstart.ge/en>!
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