[ddj] Dataset: Populism and the "Trump-Effect" in Europe

Niklas Anzinger niklas.anzinger at daliaresearch.com
Wed Nov 30 12:53:22 UTC 2016

Hi Data Lovers,

we´re a Berlin-based mobile research startup and will do a survey featuring
more than 10.000 respondents from the entire EU, and 1.000 people from the
US about their political and moral attitudes.

The goal is to find out where the next wave of populism could hit in Europe
by comparing and contrasting US and EU voter profiles, opinions of Trump vs
Clinton voters, and future expectations.

We're looking for researchers and data journalists who would be interested
in exploring and visualising the data. We will release a dataset with 30-40
variables towards the end of December, free of charge.

If you´re interested, get in touch with me and send me a short text how you
would use the data: niklas.anzinger at daliaresearch.com



*Niklas Anzinger*
Project Manager
Telephone: +49 30 695 995 90
Email: niklas.anzinger at daliaresearch.com
<marta.kusnierska at daliaresearch.com>

*Dalia Research GmbH*
Skalitzer Str. 100, 10997 Berlin, Germany
Web <https://www.daliaresearch.com/> *I* Linkedin
<https://www.linkedin.com/company/dalia-research> *I* Twitter
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