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Daniel Sedlacek daniel at wikibudgets.org
Tue Mar 14 13:23:43 UTC 2017

Hi all

We are a small team of idealists who developed a tool for visualizing

*Showcase 1*: https://uk.wikibudgets.org/w/united-kingdom-budget-2015

Our mission is to visualize budgets of all public organizations of the
world, from governments and states, to agencies, offices and bureaus, to
cities and towns, to schools, hospitals and all public benefit corporations.

*Showcase 2:* https://uk.wikibudgets.org/w/united-kingdom-budget-2015

So far we only have data for UK, US and Czech Republic governments along
with all 6,280 Czech Cities and Towns.

*Showcase 3:* https://cz.wikibudgets.org/w/praha-2016

What you can do with the tool:

Embed any of the visualized budgets into your article or blog for free with
a simple embed code.

Create your own private budget <https://www.wikibudgets.org/pricing>
from $9/month to support our project.

Write about our story - how our small team took on the world with our
mission <https://www.wikibudgets.org/#mission> to rationalize politics,
kill alternative facts, pierce filter bubbles and stop corruption.

Daniel Sedlacek


wikibudgets.org  | @wikibudgets <https://twitter.com/wikiBudgets>
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