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Megan Lucero meganchristinelucero at gmail.com
Wed Mar 15 20:29:54 UTC 2017

Hi everyone! I couldn't make it to NICAR this year but will be doing a trip
to NYC and DC and wanted to round up any journo and tech people interested
in a beer and a chat!

*I'm organising a NYC meetup for $1 fish tacos and beers Monday March 20th:*

*And beers and a fry up in DC (thanks to the organising of some lovely
WashPo folks) Wednesday March 22:*

Please rsvp if you can come and obvs feel free to pass on! (The DC one
needs at least 20 people to work)

A little about me and why I'm in town from London....
I used to be the Data Editor at The Times and Sunday Times in London and
left in December last year to join the Bureau of Investigative Journalism
and launch the Bureau Local - a UK data hub aimed at working with local
reporters to dig into datasets and tell the stories that matter to
communities across the UK. We don't have the same data journalism/CAR scene
as in the US but it is growing. Similar to the US, our local media face
cuts and the capacity for investigative data journalism is limited. So, we
plan to build a network of local reporters, technologists, community-minded
citizens and specialist contributors that together can unearth public
interest stories.

We came over to visit ProPublica, Sunlight, NPR and the like but are also
keen to grab a beer with any hacks, hackers, civic tech organisers,
community builders or anyone with 2 cents on the matter (or no thoughts on
the matter but want to have a beer with us!)
Hope you can join!

@Megan_Lucero <http://twitter.com/#%21/Megan_Lucero>
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