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Hi Anna,

Congratulations for the launch!! In the meantime things have changed for
me: I've moved to Luxembourg and I've been selected for a 5 week long
intensive Data Science program. It's from March 6 until April 7 so I will
not be able to follow up on subsidystories.eu until the end of my program.
But I'm learning a zillion things related to Data Science, so I hope I have
the time to reach out to you once I'm done with the formation, definitely
better armed to tackle Data Science problems.

Best wishes,

On Wed, 8 Mar 2017 at 5:12 PM, Anna Alberts <anna.alberts at okfn.de> wrote:

> --- apologies for cross-posting ----
> Dear All,
> Six months ago we started the project to gather EU subsidy data here on
> these mailing lists and we received many enthusiastic and supportive
> responses and a ton of help from this community.
> Now we can proudly present to you: subsidystories.eu
> Here you can query, search, analyse all recipients and projects for the
> European Structural and Investment Funds (ERDF, ESF and CF) from 2007 to
> now for all EU Member States (except for Romania due to lack of data).
> Below you will find the Press Release.
> Do spread the word and check out the website: subsidystories.eu
> Best wishes
> Anna, Michael, Bela, Diana, Adam, Levko
> =======================================================================
> *“New site SubsidyStories.eu shows where nearly 300bn of EU subsidies go
> across Europe”*
> *Berlin, 06 March 2017 *- Today, Open Knowledge Germany and Open
> Knowledge International launched *SubsidyStories.eu*
> <http://subsidystories.eu/>: a database containing all recipients of EU
> Structural Funds, accounting for *292,9 Billion Euros* of EU Subsidies.
> The European Union allocates 44 % of its total 7-year budget through the
> European Structural Funds. Who received these funds - accounting for 347
> Billion Euro from 2007 - 2013 and 477 Billion from 2014 - 2020 - could only
> be traced through regional and local websites. Subsidystories.eu changes
> this by integrating all regional datasets into one database with all
> recipients of the European Structural and Investment Funds from 2007
> onwards.
> *"SubsidyStories is a major leap forward in bringing transparency to the
> spending of EU funds,"* said Dr. Ronny Patz, a researcher focused on
> budgeting in the European Union and in the United Nations system at the
> Ludwig-Maximilans-Universität (LMU) in Munich. *"For years, advocates
> have asked the EU Commission and EU member state governments to create a
> single website for all EU Structural and Investment Funds, but where they
> have failed, civil society now steps in."*
> Subsidystories.eu makes the recipients of the largest EU subsidies program
> visible across Europe. Recent and future debates on EU spending will
> benefit from the factual basis offered by the project, as spending on the
> member state, regional and local level can be traced. Subsidystories.eu
> makes it possible to check which projects and organisations are receiving
> money and how it is spent across Europe. For example, the amounts given per
> project are vastly different per country; in Poland the average sum per
> project is 381 664 E whereas in Italy this is only 63 539.
> The data can be compared throughout the EU enabling thorough analysis of
> EU spending patterns. Subsidystories.eu gives scientists, journalists and
> interested citizens the direct possibility of visualizing data and running
> data analytics using SQL. The data can be directly downloaded to CSV for
> the entire European Union or for specific countries.
> Beneficiary data, which was previously scattered across the EU in
> different languages and formats, had to be opened, scraped, cleaned and
> standardised to allow for cross-country comparisons and detailed searches.
> That we are now able to run detailed searches, aggregate projects per
> beneficiary and across countries, is a big step for financial transparency
> in Europe.
> Subsidystories.eu is a joined cooperation between Open Knowledge Germany
> and Open Knowledge International, funded by Addessium and OpenBudgets.eu -
> an H2020 EU research and innovation programme under grant agreement No
> 645833.
> More information: www.subsidystories.eu
> Press contact: Anna Alberts | Open Knowledge Foundation Germany
> anna.alberts at okfn.de | Office: +49 30 57703666 0
> --
> Anna Alberts, Project Manager OpenBudgets.eu
> Open Knowledge Foundation Germany
> www.okfn.de | info at okfn.de | @okfde
> anna.alberts at okfn.de <info at okfn.de> | @Anna_Alberts
> Office: +49 30 57703666 0
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