[ddj] new television explorer + comparer now available

kalev leetaru kalev.leetaru5 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 14 19:18:40 UTC 2018

I thought many of you would find useful the new versions of the Television
Explorer and Television Comparer tools, based on the Internet Archive's
Television News Archive, which are now available:


Direct links:


The new versions use airtime instead of sentences as their reporting metric
and support all 163 stations monitored by IA back to 2009 (not all stations
have been monitored for the full time period) (international coverage now
includes BBC News and selected DW and Al Jazeera English shows and selected
Spanish language shows from Univision/Telemundo US affiliates).

The default "summary dashboard" mode summarizes the matching coverage,
while the "comparer" mode allows you to compare up to four searches and
plot them on the same timeline to make it easier to compare coverage of
different topics, along with raw and modified TF-IDF comparisons of their

You can also create summary dashboards of global online news coverage from
the past year in 65 languages.

Hope these new tools are of great use to you all! Email me if you have any
questions (kalev.leetaru5 at gmail.com).

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