[ddj] EDJNet Survey : Can DDJ bring about new ways of reporting on European affairs?

Javier de Vega javier at civio.es
Tue Jul 23 09:14:40 UTC 2019

Hi everyone,

The European Data Journalism Network (EDJNet)[1], an independent network of
media outlets and data-journalism agencies producing data-driven coverage
of European affairs, has started an online survey [2] to

- gather information about the practices of newsrooms, data-teams and
individual journalists with regard to the use of data techniques in their
reporting, in particular when covering European and cross-border issues;
- understand the challenges they face, in terms of type of skills, of
tools, of content and formats for reuse or co-production, of strategies for
distribution, among other aspects;
- assess to what extent the EDJNet services provide useful tools to make
the coverage of European topics easier and more compelling.

The survey is open to all journalists, editors and newsrooms interested in
exploring the potential of data journalism to enhance their reporting on
any subject concerning European citizens.

It consists of 48 questions divided into 6 sections: Skills and team;
Working with data; Cross-border collaboration; Ethics; Distribution and
Impact; EDJNet.

Responses are anonymous (a few professional details are required for
statistical purposes only) and it will take up to 15 minutes to complete.


As partners of this consortium, we will very grateful for all the inputs
you could provide. For further information on the EDJNet or this study,
don't hesitate to contact its coordinator[3].

Best regards,

Javier de Vega
Civio Foundation - Spain
javier at civio.es

[1] https://www.europeandatajournalism.eu/eng
[2] https://surveys.europeandatajournalism.eu/quiz/edjnet/
[3] https://www.europeandatajournalism.eu/eng/Contact-Us
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