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Jp marin diaz jpmarindiaz at datasketch.co
Wed Jul 3 11:03:32 UTC 2019

Hello Arie

In Colombia we at Datasketch (http://datasketch.co) work on several
initiatives for citizen engagement involving open government data:
- The Corruptour <https://corruptour.datasketch.co/> in partnership with
Transparency International. A sightseeing tour to talk about the most
iconic corruption cases in Bogota and other cities. Some mentions here in
- During the 2018 FIFA world cup we launched a Social Media Campaign with
other organizations in Argentina and Peru to talk about gender equality.
Mention here in english
and here in spanish
- We also used open data to talk about femicides
in Colombia and worked with an NGO to present 20.000 signatures to the
ministry of interior.

We could share a few more examples if interested. Best

Juan Pablo Marín Díaz
Científico de datos
Director - Datasketch <http://www.datasketch.co/en>

On Wed, Jul 3, 2019 at 5:29 AM Arie Purwanto - TBM <A.Purwanto at tudelft.nl>

> Hi everyone,
> I am studying citizen engagement with open government data to tackle
> societal problems. I would like to share my preliminary research findings
> of this topic.
> Most academic literature investigates top-down citizen engagement led by
> the government such as open data hackathons, while, I believe that
> bottom-up initiatives fully organized by citizens exist in practice. One of
> my case studies is the use of open election data by Indonesians for
> providing faster results of the election to society. You can find out about
> the results of this study here: https://doi.org/10.1145/3209281.3209305
> Do you know similar initiatives as such? We can start a discussion on this.
> Thank you!
> Best regards,
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