[data-protocols] Data Protocols Client Package in R

Jeffrey Allen Jeffrey.Allen at UTSouthwestern.edu
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I just added a "COPYING" file to the repo which specifies the MIT license for the project.

As a caveat, we're relying heavily on the mixed-array format proposed in the fork (https://github.com/trestletech/dataprotocols) which will hopefully ultimately be integrated into the main spec. I'll be working to ensure that the R package is compatible with the "traditional" named-hash format used in the examples currently, as well.


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On Wed, Apr 3, 2013 at 12:15 AM, Jeffrey Allen <Jeffrey.Allen at utsouthwestern.edu> wrote:

> I thought this may be of interest to members of this mailing list.

It certainly is!

> We're using some of the Data Protocols formats (specifically JSON
> Table
> Schema) within the R language and have setup a (very early stage) R
> package to help when working with some of these formats. Currently, we
> have functions to read and write JSON data stored in the JSON Table
> Schema format to/from R data.frames.

Jeff (et al), this is awesome! Thanks - that makes at least two implementations of JSON Table Schema (I did one in Python, also on GitHub).

What's the copyright licence on your code?



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