[data-protocols] Data Packager - a web app for tabular data packages

Sean Hammond sean.hammond at okfn.org
Fri Jun 13 11:50:17 UTC 2014

> I love the simplified workflow, this is really convenient! I’d love to
> have a listing of all users so that I can browse them - the
> user-centric approach itself seems very nice! 

Hey Friedrich, yeah I was quite happy with the simplified UI. I think
CKAN core could benefit from some of those changes (if there were any
time to submit them), especially the dataset and resource pages have
gotten a bit complicated in CKAN over the years and could be simplified
a lot. (Sam actually designed the simplified resource page for Data

I wish we had time to do a custom theme for it, though.

I agree it could maybe do with something to help with discovering data
packages. We were thinking of putting an activity stream of recently
created data pakages on the front page, which would also help with
making the front page more interesting.

Enabling user (and maybe also package) search would also help, and would
simply be a case of unblocking the /user page that CKAN already

At some point down that path though, you will end up with just CKAN!

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