[datahub-discuss] Fwd: Merging {br, cz, ie, it, no}.ckan.net into datahub.io and shutting them down

Augusto Herrmann augusto at okfn.org.br
Thu Nov 27 18:52:10 UTC 2014

Hi, Dr. Rufus.

After filtering out 8 empty visible datasets, we're left with 20 on the OK
>> Brasil organization [2]. You may notice 29-8=21 so one is missing, which is
>> 'cambio' [3]. I don't know why but dataset creation fails for this dataset
>> using the CKAN API. It has value so I might end up doing it manually. Any
>> ideas on how I could make it work via API?
> I'm not sure - what is the error message you are getting?

All I could find out so far debugging with pdb is that the HTTP request
returned an error (I think it was 404). I'd need more time to investigate
headers and URLs to find out more.

> If anyone's interested, I've been doing this using this high-level CKAN
>> client library [4], as I thought it would be easier to let it handle for me
>> the differences in metadata schema and API versions. However, it's in early
>> development and still have some quirks. Despite this, it's still easy to
>> use and do lots of things with just a few lines of code (so few I didn't
>> even bother commiting it to a code repository). I might write a blog post
>> describing the experience, if you think it would be useful.
> Could you "gist" your code? And a blog post would be fantastic.

Of course. Here it is:
The blog post will have to wait a bit, I'm afraid.

> I also note we still need to migrate:
> {cz,ie,it,no}.ckan.net
> Would you be up for helping do these now that you have a working script? I
> could take care of setting up organizations for them and making you a
> member (temporarily).
> Also anyone else who would like to help would be very welcome!
> Rufus

I'd be glad to help, but I'm a bit short on time recently. If anyone is up
for it, be welcome to use my migration script and ask any questions about
it. If not, I may do it myself sometime (hopefully not too far) in the

And also write a blog post about the process of migration and the high
level CKAN client library, when I can.

Best regards,
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