[datahub-discuss] Migration of dataset into organization in datahub

riccardo del gratta riccardo.delgratta at ilc.cnr.it
Thu Oct 16 16:14:38 UTC 2014

On 10/16/2014 06:06 PM, Ross Jones wrote:
> On 16 Oct 2014, at 16:46, riccardo del gratta <riccardo.delgratta at ilc.cnr.it> wrote:
>> I read a post about the migration of datasets from global to single organization in datahub.
>> I'm riccardodg as user in datahub, at the same time manager of an organizationhttp://datahub.io/organization/institute-for-computational-linguistics-ilc-cnr
>> What I need is to move the dataset: http://datahub.io/dataset/simple into that organization.
> You have but to ask!  If you find you have lots to move, it’s best done with a request at help.datahub.io
> It’s done now btw :)
> Ross.
Dear Ross, thanks and thanks again.
It was my last dataset to move.

Cheers, Riccardo

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