[drn-discuss] Sony, Sony, and Sony.

Gavin Hill silver_morning2003 at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Nov 16 12:39:36 GMT 2005

Headlines: http://drn.okfn.org/node/81

Sony pulls infected CDs from shelves. 
Sony DRM infection removal vulnerability uncovered -
cure worse than infection. 
Sony class action lawsuit. 
Sony named in unfair online trading accusation. 
Sony Playstation lockware patent.
We have nuclear weapons, what are you doing to our

Boingboing is following closely with more details of
Sonys' EULA shenanigans, dealings with retailers and
DRM plans in some "disarray". Did you know that
viewers of Hollywood films were entitled to a refund
if they had seen a movie plugged by Sony's fictional
film critic.

Have you bought a Sony CD recently?

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