[drn-discuss] UKPO consultations

David Berry d.berry at sussex.ac.uk
Sat Oct 1 05:34:08 CDT 2005

Quoting Ian Brown <I.Brown at cs.ucl.ac.uk>:

> > Just imagine. It might contradict a position, only to have another 
> army
> > of economists find another position, and another army (for the 
> content
> > industry) find yet another.  So where will we turn when the 
> economists
> > disagree?
> Your response, to those who believe economics is of little value in
> understanding these issues, is rather unconvincing I'm afraid.

My point is that when economics inevitably breaks down (as we can see already with a 
number of different reports published) that it will be a *political* decision in the first case. 
That will take in wider implications such as national interest, knowledge-based economy 
discourses and private sector lobbying. Some realism about how the political economy of 
copyright is structured is needed, rather than tired old liberal categories of public and private 

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