[drn-discuss] Book: Controlling Access to Content - Regulating Conditional Access in Digital Broadcasting

James Heald j.heald at ucl.ac.uk
Tue Oct 18 05:52:20 CDT 2005

"Controlling Access to Content - Regulating Conditional Access in 
Digital Broadcasting"
by Natali Helberger, Institute for Information Law (IViR), Amsterdam.

Lengthy blurb reproduced on the IPKat blog,

"[Controlling Access to Content] investigates the implications of 
electronic access control, digitalization, and convergence for 
broadcasting, as well as the effects of the regulatory framework on 
innovation, competition, and consumer access to content. It demonstrates 
clearly at which points the chosen approach could backfire and generate 
undesirable side-effects, and what lessons can be learned from the 
pay-TV case for other digital service sectors. Using many examples, the 
author explains for lawyers, consumer and industry representatives the 
main lines of the regulatory framework that apply to access-controlled 
broadcasting, how their interests are affected, and what changes the 
future might bring".

A longer summary of the thesis of the book can be found at:


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