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Darwin Peltan darwin.peltan at okfn.org
Thu Dec 6 13:27:27 UTC 2012

Forwarding to the project list for info.

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From: Ian Murray <ian.murray at okfn.org>
Date: 6 December 2012 13:24
Subject: Release
To: Bert Van Nuffelen <bert.van.nuffelen at tenforce.com>
Cc: Darwin Peltan <darwin.peltan at okfn.org>, John Glover <
john.glover at okfn.org>, David Raznick <david.raznick at okfn.org>, Dimitrios
Mexis <Dimitrios.Mexis at tenforce.com>

Hi Bert,

the latest CKAN release is now on the odp git repo.  There are changes
to the CKAN application code (ie - the rpm), and also a small change
to the shared nginx configuration file.


     - the shared nginx configuration file needs some additional
       configuration.  This adds the hostname to the key that the
       proxy uses to determine uniqueness.  By adding this, we think
it will
       solve the issue PO saw with both internal and external links
       in the cached pages. (ODP-151)
     - static images are served correctly (ODP-122)
     - further external references found and fixed
     - indicate required fields on dataset form.  Not required on
       form. (ODP-89)
     - Fix spelling of "licence" (from "license") in the eurostat
     - Fix auto-completion of publisher name on edit-form.  (Shouldn't
       auto-completing because the name is meant to be read-only).
     - Limit publisher list to only those publishers with datasets.
If the
       user is logged in, then the list is *not* filtered. -- There
needs to
       be a way for logged-in users to manage publishers (add users,
       description etc.), and they can't do that if they can't see the
       publisher.  (ODP-39 I think)
     - ie7 fix for the showing diffs. (ODP-146)

Let's discuss the upgrade this afternoon.  In essence it should only
involve installing the new rpm, and applying the change to the shared
nginx configuration file.

 - Ian.

I've also cleared out the duplicated directories in the git repo, as
discussed.  Because of this, to see the actual nginx change you need
to view the diff of commit 1682796eeffe6bb5d955960a22b2c70c1830eea7
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