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Some points from me:
* This is a major redesign - Therefore it would make sense to do this at
the same time as upgrading to CKAN 2.0 - (CKAN 2.0 introduces a new theming
system so it wouldn't make sense to create a new theme for 1.8 as we'd have
to do quite a lot of work to make when we upgrade to 2.0. Overall I'd
suggest skipping 1.8 and going direct to CKAN 2.0)
* This design is an improvement over the existing design but CKAN 2.0 has a
better default UX which any new design should be based upon. - I didn't
know they were doing this or I would have suggested this earlier
* We should also build in time to do user testing of any new design prior
to it being built to find any usability issues
* This design is OK but I think we could improve on this


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On 29 January 2013 13:58, Girts Niedra <girts.niedra at tenforce.com> wrote:

> Some remarks:
> * the homepage shows info from catalog and can activate a search on
> catalog data - to decide how to integrate
> * better integration strategy for drupal & ckan?
> * to be clear the portal design was IPG compliant, this is a change
> request to change the template from EC to EU
> * that rainbow and the menu header looks weird (i don't have anything
> against rainbow btw :) )
> * the background color for the main menu looks weird
> * Home - not clear what those 3 links below are, Data, Applications,
> Linked data - why repeat with different style?
> * Applications - how does it expand if more than 6 apps? Just scrolls down?
> * Applications - Is the "see description" link in ODP or external link? If
> internal, design?
> * PO said no problem to give us HTML and CSS, push for that
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