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Bert Van Nuffelen bert.van.nuffelen at tenforce.com
Tue Feb 5 08:14:53 UTC 2013

Hi Darwin, John and David, Michael,

For today's meeting with ODP I would like to create a worklist for the next
release 00.08.00 (originally planned for end of feb 2013)

This means

a) RPM updates according to the rules & instructions of tomorrows RPM
b) clear quick wins on aspects we have to do and which are not so "complex"
c) some urgent matters

a) is because this is in the line of the plan of the PO and I find this a
reasonable step.
   + ODP-56: deliver an improved version of the build documentation &
source code

for b) & c)
I looked to the issues and selected these

   * removal of the open-data in the middle of URL (ODP-170 )
   * new header title (in sync with EU ODP name change) (ODP-155) --> Right
slogan to be discussed with PO

OKF specific:
   * ODP-156: upload on IE7 fails
   * ODP-186: make the top-publisher list language aware
   * ODP-158: remove history line & access to functionality at all  => to
be discussed with OKF & PO on the right solution
   * Cost assesment for enabling api uploaded datasets to be editable by
frontend users.

   * ODP-171: css rules w.r.t. reverse proxy setttings


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