[ECODP-dev] datastore on ECODP

John Glover john.glover at okfn.org
Tue Feb 5 13:10:21 UTC 2013


Yes the datastore is currently enabled (although I don't think that it is
actually being used).

However in that document it says that the datastorer is disabled, but it is
currently enabled in the CKAN config file on odp.tenforce.com (and
installed as part of the RPM).

We will need to confirm:
1. That this should be removed.
2. This status of this on the production system (it could be in the RPM but
disabled by making a small config change).

If the datastorer is not needed in future it can be removed completely from
further releases.


On 5 February 2013 09:53, Bert Van Nuffelen
<bert.van.nuffelen at tenforce.com>wrote:

> Hi John, David,
> When entering the resources I saw that the datastore was active on ecodp.
> At least I got a question to "do you want to activate the datastore api for
> this resource."
> Can you verify the status?
> Here is some background
> https://docs.google.com/a/tenforce.com/document/d/1aP4F0ux8yMzDGw98GT7LOEddl8JyAbya32DQY6TlU18/edit#heading=h.if16vgbt4dpl
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