[ECODP-dev] ODP - Release 00.07.50 - Software delivery

ISOARD Olivier (OP) Olivier.ISOARD at publications.europa.eu
Thu Feb 7 10:33:49 UTC 2013

Dear Bert,

Thanks for this delivery.

We’re going to install it on out test env BUT please note there are again several points which are not aligned with the formal SVN delivery management procedure OP defined and was communicated to you months ago. I urge you again to read it carefully (latest version attached again to this email for recall), in order to better prepare the next delivery (chapter 4.1 for ex)

Here the preliminary comments on the deliverables:

Ø  The delivery does not include any delivery note to be signed by both parties and recording the formal delivery of the software

Ø  The delivery does not mention any indication to any SVN revision number to use for the installation

Ø  The description recorded into SVN for the delivered ZIP package mentions “make temp version of the delivery 00.07.50” while I suppose this is the final package (not “temp”) – Please confirm

Ø  The delivered ZIP package is labelled “delivery_00.07.50_FULL.zip” while is looks like a simple path (only contains few files) – Please confirm

Ø  The delivered ZIP package does not include any installation documentation. Every delivery package should be a bundle including all elements representing the actual delivery – Meaning a snapshot of all the necessary documentation from (working) trunk versions

Ø  The delivered ZIP package does not include any information related to the testing conducted by TenForce prior to the delivery

Ø  The updates of related the documentation (User manual, Operational manual…) are not included in the delivered ZIP package (nor in the /Delivered/Documentation)

For the next delivery, if we still face such difficulties for identifying exactly what to take as deliverables and what exactly to install, the delivery will be formally rejected even before any installation step.

Now, we will proceed further with the installation of this 00.07.50 patch and let you know.

Best regards,

Olivier ISOARD
Projets Informatiques

Office des publications de l'Union européenne
Direction A – Core Business Services
Unité A3 - Projets Informatiques

2985 Luxembourg • LUXEMBOURG
Tel: +352 292942360 • Fax: +352 292944604
olivier.isoard at publications.europa.eu<mailto:olivier.isoard at publications.europa.eu>

From: Bert Van Nuffelen [mailto:bert.van.nuffelen at tenforce.com]
Sent: Wednesday, February 06, 2013 4:29 PM
To: ISOARD Olivier (OP); ZAJAC Agnieszka (OP); HOHN Norbert (OP); THUNUS François (OP)
Cc: Project list for EC ODP CKAN project; Frans Vanhaelewijck
Subject: ODP - Release 00.07.50 - Software delivery


we are now delivering the release 00.07.50.
     * the trunk is already up to date
     * we have to create the tag and upload the delivery.zip

Attached  you find already the  release_notes.

kind regards,


Bert Van Nuffelen

Semantic Technologies Software Architect at TenForce

Bert.Van.Nuffelen at tenforce.com<mailto:Bert.Van.Nuffelen at tenforce.com>
Office: +32 (0)16 31 48 60
Mobile:+32 479 06 24 26
skype: bert.van.nuffelen
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