[ECODP-dev] Latest preview of the EU ODP site

ZAJAC Agnieszka (OP) Agnieszka.ZAJAC at publications.europa.eu
Wed Feb 27 19:08:21 UTC 2013

Hello Darwin,

Could you provide us with login and password for odp.tenforce.com so that we could have a look at the data provider's area inside?

Thanks in advance,


From: Darwin Peltan [darwin.peltan at okfn.org]
Sent: 27 February 2013 17:39
To: ZAJAC Agnieszka (OP); Project list for EC ODP CKAN project; ISOARD Olivier (OP)
Subject: Latest preview of the EU ODP site

Dear Agnieska,

It was great to talk to you earlier on the phone. As discussed the latest version of the site is at the link below.


I've listed the known issues that we're looking at for the CKAN section below.

If you could please confirm that the new theme is signed off subject to these changes then we can progress with creating the RPM for release 08.00

Many thanks,


- Data homepage; Reduce padding between title and description
- Search page - Reduce padding between title and description
- Remove pagination at top of search results page
- Dataset and resource page- Top of Licence box should be aligned with the horizontal ruler
- Dataset page: Can't add new resource (no button to add a new resource for logged in users)
- Dataset and resource page: Increase padding between meta-data item and label below
- Resource page - Change the meta-data that is shown by default to URL, Release Date, Modified Data, Name, Size, Status

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