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Bert Van Nuffelen bert.van.nuffelen at tenforce.com
Thu Jul 4 07:43:05 UTC 2013

Hi Leda,

I had a few outstanding questions to answer on the ontology.
Hereunder you find the answers. I also include as attachment the
updated xls.

additional fields:

* field Accrual Periodicity
the correct label name on the EU ODP portal.

* temporal granularity:
   no RDF field in the ontology
   Controlled vocabulary

* Catalog record - publication dates

The next fields are publisher controlled:
   (a) release_date
   (b) modified_date

Publisher controlled means:
  * RDF2CKAN can set the value of these fields
  * CKAN web interface allows to set these fields

In DCAT-AP, they correspond to the dataset properties having the next
   (a) date of formal issuance (e.g. publication) of the dataset
   (b) the most recent date on which the dataset was changed, modified
or updated.

The Catalog record fields, shown as

   (c) Added to open-data.europa.eu
   (d) Updated on open-data.europa.eu

   in the EU ODP portal (see dataset Additional information)

are created by CKAN, the catalog owner. They cannot be set by RDF2CKAN.

In DCAT-AP, they correspond to the catalog record properties having
the next definition:
   (c) The date of listing the corresponding dataset into the catalog
   (d) Most recent data on which the catalog entru was changed,
updated or modified.

Technical challenge is to do an efficient integration of these catalog
record fields in the RDF created by the RDF2CKAN ingestion.
These fields are, by definition, not part of the RDF provided by the publishers.

2013/6/19 BARGIOTTI Leda (OP) <Leda.BARGIOTTI at publications.europa.eu>:
> Dear all,
> Please find here an update for the meeting on ontology, following a request
> coming from Bert.
> I booked three hours just in case
> Kind regards
> Leda

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