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ISOARD Olivier (OP) Olivier.ISOARD at publications.europa.eu
Mon Jul 1 12:36:22 UTC 2013

Dear Bert,

Thanks for this delivery. 

There is a small administrative issue with the delivery note you sent.  Normally, it has to refer to what has been delivered (software packages, documentation, scripts...) and not what has been fixed in term of issues and new features. Therefore, I redrafted the note accordingly and here am submitting it to you for signature. 

Thanks to countersign and send it back to me.

Best regards,

Olivier ISOARD 
Projets Informatiques

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2985 Luxembourg • LUXEMBOURG
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We finalized the delivery of EU ODP release 00.09.00. It has been
delivered to the Publications Office SVN.
In the svn you find the updated trunk containing the updated
documents, binary software and the sources.
In the deliveries you find versions of the zip
    * delivery.zip         -- the complete trunk -- unpacked 1.5 GB
    * delivery_00.09.00_minimal.zip   -- a selection of the trunk
containing only the necessary software components
The deliveries & tag are available with the svn revision number 387.

The updated documents can be found also in

In attachment you find the release note and the signed delivery note.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions or remarks.

Best Regards,

Bert Van Nuffelen

Semantic Technologies Software Architect at TenForce

Bert.Van.Nuffelen at tenforce.com
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