[ECODP-dev] Error message about last_modified field, on posting through rdf2ckan

Dimitrios Mexis dimitrios.mexis at tenforce.com
Mon Jul 29 13:14:47 UTC 2013

Hi John,
Code builds the json dynamically from the data it collects from the package.
last_modified is part of the rdf, the relevant information is from: <


On Mon, Jul 29, 2013 at 3:05 PM, John Glover <john.glover at okfn.org> wrote:

> Hi Dimitrios,
> Did that last_modified value come from CKAN or did you create it yourself?
> CKAN is expecting a 6-digit value for the microseconds (so '000000'
> instead of just '0' at the end of the string, or else omit the microsecond
> part entirely) and therefore complaining that the date format is invalid.
> Thanks,
> John
> On 23 July 2013 15:06, Dimitrios Mexis <dimitrios.mexis at tenforce.com>wrote:
>> Hi,
>> the first is the POST of JSON to CKAN, and the next line is the response.
>> Can you help us understand what happens exactly with the date field
>> last_modified ?
>> {"resources":[{"last_modified":"2009-11-12T23:42:30.0","description":"Zipped
>> TIFF format with world file, raster data","format":"image/tiff","type":"
>> http://www.w3.org/TR/vocab-dcat#Download","url":"
>> http://www.eea.europa.eu/data-and-maps/data/global-land-cover-2000-europe/zipped-tiff-format-with-world-file-raster-data/zipped-tiff-format-with-world-file-raster-data/at_download/file
>> "}],"geographical_coverage":["
>> http://publications.europa.eu/resource/authority/country/DEU","
>> http://publications.europa.eu/resource/authority/country/LVA","
>> http://publications.europa.eu/resource/authority/country/KAZ","
>> http://publications.europa.eu/resource/authority/country/GEO","
>> http://publications.europa.eu/resource/authority/country/FRA","
>> http://publications.europa.eu/resource/authority/country/BLR","
>> http://publications.europa.eu/resource/authority/country/AZE","
>> http://publications.europa.eu/resource/authority/country/AUT","
>> http://publications.europa.eu/resource/authority/country/ARM","
>> http://publications.europa.eu/resource/authority/country/HRV","
>> http://publications.europa.eu/resource/authority/country/BGR","
>> http://publications.europa.eu/resource/authority/country/BIH","
>> http://publications.europa.eu/resource/authority/country/BEL","
>> http://publications.europa.eu/resource/authority/country/EST","
>> http://publications.europa.eu/resource/authority/country/ALB","
>> http://publications.europa.eu/resource/authority/country/SRB","
>> http://publications.europa.eu/resource/authority/country/SVK","
>> http://publications.europa.eu/resource/authority/country/UKR","
>> http://publications.europa.eu/resource/authority/country/ISL","
>> http://publications.europa.eu/resource/authority/country/NLD","
>> http://publications.europa.eu/resource/authority/country/HUN","
>> http://publications.europa.eu/resource/authority/country/NOR","
>> http://publications.europa.eu/resource/authority/country/GBR","
>> http://publications.europa.eu/resource/authority/country/PRT","
>> http://publications.europa.eu/resource/authority/country/IRL","
>> http://publications.europa.eu/resource/authority/country/CZE","
>> http://publications.europa.eu/resource/authority/country/MNE","
>> http://publications.europa.eu/resource/authority/country/SVN","
>> http://publications.europa.eu/resource/authority/country/CYP","
>> http://publications.europa.eu/resource/authority/country/SWE","
>> http://publications.europa.eu/resource/authority/country/DNK","
>> http://publications.europa.eu/resource/authority/country/ESP","
>> http://publications.europa.eu/resource/authority/country/FIN","
>> http://publications.europa.eu/resource/authority/country/CHE","
>> http://publications.europa.eu/resource/authority/country/GRC","
>> http://publications.europa.eu/resource/authority/country/LUX","
>> http://publications.europa.eu/resource/authority/country/TUR","
>> http://publications.europa.eu/resource/authority/country/LIE","
>> http://publications.europa.eu/resource/authority/country/MLT","
>> http://publications.europa.eu/resource/authority/country/MDA","
>> http://publications.europa.eu/resource/authority/country/RUS","
>> http://publications.europa.eu/resource/authority/country/POL","
>> http://publications.europa.eu/resource/authority/country/LTU","
>> http://publications.europa.eu/resource/authority/country/ROU","
>> http://publications.europa.eu/resource/authority/country/ITA
>> "],"published_by":"eea","status":"
>> http://ec.europa.eu/open-data/kos/dataset-status/Completed","keyword_string":["raster
>> data","land cover","vegetation","geospatial data"],"url":"
>> http://www.eea.europa.eu/data-and-maps/data/global-land-cover-2000-europe","title":"Global
>> land cover 2000 - Europe","type_of_dataset":[],"description":"This
>> pan-European classification does not represent a perfect reproduction of
>> Corine land cover in areas where CLC2000 and GLC2000
>> overlap","interoperability_level":[],"name":"KtY2sRfM97NIDPdQ9SAQ","license_id":["
>> http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.5/dk/
>> "],"language":[],"identifier":"global-land-cover-2000-europe"}
>> 15:03 - Body: {"help": "Create a new dataset (package).\n\n    You must
>> be authorized to create new datasets. If you specify any groups\n    for
>> the new dataset, you must also be authorized to edit these groups.\n\n
>>  Plugins may change the parameters of this function depending on the
>> value\n    of the ``type`` parameter, see the ``IDatasetForm`` plugin
>> interface.\n\n    :param name: the name of the new dataset, must be between
>> 2 and 100\n        characters long and contain only lowercase alphanumeric
>> characters,\n        ``-`` and ``_``, e.g. ``'warandpeace'``\n    :type
>> name: string\n    :param title: the title of the dataset (optional,
>> default: same as\n        ``name``)\n    :type title: string\n    :param
>> author: the name of the dataset's author (optional)\n    :type author:
>> string\n    :param author_email: the email address of the dataset's author
>> (optional)\n    :type author_email: string\n    :param maintainer: the name
>> of the dataset's maintainer (optional)\n    :type maintainer: string\n
>>  :param maintainer_email: the email address of the dataset's maintainer\n
>>      (optional)\n    :type maintainer_email: string\n    :param license_id:
>> the id of the dataset's license, see ``license_list()``\n        for
>> available values (optional)\n    :type license_id: license id string\n
>>  :param notes: a description of the dataset (optional)\n    :type notes:
>> string\n    :param url: a URL for the dataset's source (optional)\n
>>  :type url: string\n    :param version: (optional)\n    :type version:
>> string, no longer than 100 characters\n    :param state: the current state
>> of the dataset, e.g. ``'active'`` or\n        ``'deleted'``, only active
>> datasets show up in search results and\n        other lists of datasets,
>> this parameter will be ignored if you are not\n        authorized to change
>> the state of the dataset (optional, default:\n        ``'active'``)\n
>>  :type state: string\n    :param type: the type of the dataset (optional),
>> ``IDatasetForm`` plugins\n        associate themselves with different
>> dataset types and provide custom\n        dataset handling behaviour for
>> these types\n    :type type: string\n    :param resources: the dataset's
>> resources, see ``resource_create()``\n        for the format of resource
>> dictionaries (optional)\n    :type resources: list of resource
>> dictionaries\n    :param tags: the dataset's tags, see ``tag_create()`` for
>> the format\n        of tag dictionaries (optional)\n    :type tags: list of
>> tag dictionaries\n    :param extras: the dataset's extras (optional),
>> extras are arbitrary\n        (key: value) metadata items that can be added
>> to datasets, each extra\n        dictionary should have keys ``'key'`` (a
>> string), ``'value'`` (a\n        string), and optionally ``'deleted'``\n
>>  :type extras: list of dataset extra dictionaries\n    :param
>> relationships_as_object: see ``package_relationship_create()`` for\n
>>  the format of relationship dictionaries (optional)\n    :type
>> relationships_as_object: list of relationship dictionaries\n    :param
>> relationships_as_subject: see ``package_relationship_create()`` for\n
>>  the format of relationship dictionaries (optional)\n    :type
>> relationships_as_subject: list of relationship dictionaries\n    :param
>> groups: the groups to which the dataset belongs (optional), each\n
>>  group dictionary should have one or more of the following keys which\n
>>    identify an existing group:\n        ``'id'`` (the id of the group,
>> string), ``'name'`` (the name of the\n        group, string), ``'title'``
>> (the title of the group, string), to see\n        which groups exist call
>> ``group_list()``\n    :type groups: list of dictionaries\n\n    :returns:
>> the newly created dataset (unless 'return_id_only' is set to True\n
>>      in the context, in which case just the dataset id will be returned)\n
>>    :rtype: dictionary\n\n    ", "success": false, "error": {"__type": "*Validation
>> Error", "resources": [{"last_modified": ["Date format incorrect"*]}]}}
>> Regards
>> Dimitrios
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