[ECODP-dev] EU ODP - 342

Bert Van Nuffelen bert.van.nuffelen at tenforce.com
Mon Jan 27 11:32:20 UTC 2014

Dear Darwin, David and Adam,

We have received a critical bug from the EU ODP project. Can you take care
of it. Can we have tomorrow a short call on how you will deal with the

kind regards,


The ticket content is the following:

"After further investigations regarding the current problem on the prod
frontend we have found that the problem is not linked to our archive, but
to a problem with CKAN which should be resolved by TenForce / AHRS.

In a nutshell, CKAN is not closing its sessions at all and therefore uses
up a huge amount of inodes which ultimately we now did run out of. Here is
a post on the official CKAN mailing list where someone else describes the
same problem:

This is a blocking issue, there is currently no ingestion by batch,
ingestion by web interface will probably fail and we are currently not
receiving any new files on the production machine either. This has to be
resolved ASAP.

Bert Van Nuffelen

Semantic Technologies Software Architect at TenForce

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