[ECODP-dev] EU ODP -343

Bert Van Nuffelen bert.van.nuffelen at tenforce.com
Tue Jan 28 12:18:43 UTC 2014


The next ticker 343 indicates that there is an issue with the update of the
visited datasets.
Can you indicate which paster command of the following updates this?
I tried the third and it did not work on our acceptance server.

kind regards,


   - Collect the new search cloud keyword list (recommendation daily)

--plugin=ckanext-ecportal ecportal
searchcloud-generate-unapproved-search-list -c

   - Collect the ODP user access statistics (recommendation daily)

 /applications/ecodp/users/ecodp/ckan/ecportal/bin/paster --plugin=ckan
tracking update -c /applications/ecodp/users/ecodp/ckan/conf/ecportal.ini

   - Apply the tracking numbers in the search index (recommended daily,
   after the above one).

/applications/ecodp/users/ecodp/ckan/ecportal/bin/paster --plugin=ckan
search-index -r rebuild -c

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