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alking about access v. re-use (more along the lines of where does FOIA end =
and re-use start, acccountability v. use purposes, etc.), but to extend the=
 topic like this could work too. I cannot estimate though whether it is suf=
ficiently "for dummies". Although the fact sheets of course do not need to =
have definite answers of course.=20

What do the others think?

Best regards,

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Subject: fact sheet FOIA - IPR

Hi Katleen,

As discussed please find attached my 9th fact sheet.

It is about FOIA and IPRs and the re-use regime in between.

Any comments are welcome (in absence of Hans and the time constraints I am =
just sending it to you for review).

As we discussed, you planned to do one on licencing (so we are up to 10, as=
 targeted). You may have seen that Ton actually drafted something hereon, w=
hich you may want to elaborate upon.

Reg. M.

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Onderwerp: Re: [epsi-coord] FW: news item on very important decision Austri=
an Supreme Court in the Compass case

It's indeed been published as a news item (it was written as such as well).=
 It's also high lighted on the front page under news highlights.
Interdependent Thoughts
Ton Zijlstra

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On Thu, Aug 11, 2011 at 11:49 AM, Marc de Vries <info at<mailto=
:info at>> wrote:
Hi Daniel,

I now see that most likely Ton published it as a news item (see email attac=

However, it should also be listed as case summary (or otherwise moved there=

Is this possible?

Reg. M.

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Aan: 'Ton Zijlstra'; 'Tom Kronenburg'; 'Katleen Janssen'; 'Daniel Dietrich'
Onderwerp: news item on very important decision Austrian Supreme Court in t=
he Compass case

Dear all,

First of all my apologies for not joining the CC yesterday. It is my intent=
ion to be back in as of next week.

Meanwhile, I drafted a news item on a very important decision from the Aust=
rian Supreme Court, which you will find attached.

The decision is so important because it refers questions to the European Co=
urt of Justice on the issue of own PSI exploitation by a PSB and the point =
where such PSB enters into the danger zone of art 102 of the EU Treaty: the=
 prohibition to abuse a dominant position. In essence, it is about demarcat=
ion of the public task.

The summary has been OK=92d by the lawyers of Nikolaus Futter (CEO of Compa=

I am sure Katleen and I (and others) will be looking more deeply into this =
case, but I think it is important to get something out right away for a bro=
ad audience (you will notice that the text is not too legal, at least I hop=
e so).

Ton, can you publish it, and create links to the pdfs attached?

Kind regards,

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