[epsi-coord] Mapping EU ePSI sources

Ton Zijlstra ton.zijlstra at gmail.com
Sun Apr 3 21:44:45 BST 2011

Hi Daniel,

For collecting I would start with

1. Organisations / NGO
2. Projects / Civil Society
3. PSI re-use Companies
4. Other Institutions relevant to PSI and policy making

as well as 5. Discussion/community spaces already in use for various groups
and countries. Mailinglists like the Pro Bono Publico list in Spain, or the
digitaliser.dk community platform in Denmark are examples here. Where are is
'sector x' hanging out for open data discussions, where's the Slovenian open
data crowd hanging out? etc.

For those organisations/groups we need to not just know about their
existence and country, but also about their focus (could be sector, and/or
could be a region/local/nationa/international (or more than one of those),
type (gov, citizen, company, ngo)

That will also bypass for now any privacy issues, as we're not collecting
personal info, just pointing to spaces where you might find those people.

For public servants we can collect lists of 'movers' as far as their info is
part of the public record already.
Also we have a list of 3100 people in our epsiplatform database. Which may
be a place to start as well, concerning personal data: it's already been
entrusted to us by these individuals. In any case I am mostly interested in
on-line references to these people (not so much physical address). Where can
we track them, where can we possibly point others to?

Other lists of people can be build in Twitter, I already have a bunch of
those by country, and so does the @epsiplatform account. See the lists

Working on a country by country basis sounds good. Let's start however with
the 'hard' countries, in stead of the 'easy' ones we are already familiar
For the most active countries I think we can quickly create those lists, but
at the same time we will come across them while doing our regular content
creation for reports and news items. That is how most of the feeds in
GReader were added as well: I came across them doing my other work for the
I suggest we work our way through the eastern European countries first

As Highrise carries a monthly fee of $24 minimum (amounting to $576 minimum
over those 2 yrs) and as there is no 'core funds' foreseen to cover this, I
suggest we start with simple lists in G-Docs first. We're after all not
going to 'do' CRM with them (when Highrise is useful: tasks per contact
assigned to team members, campaigns, keeping track of contact history), just
have them as reference lists. I'm not going to shell out money just to
create a first set of lists. In short: Highrise is maybe useful for this
project if we are starting to intensively use those contact lists (like for
the conferences), but not for building the lists themselves. Let's
reconsider what tool we need when we have the lists.

Interdependent Thoughts
Ton Zijlstra

ton at tonzijlstra.eu


On Fri, Apr 1, 2011 at 10:28 AM, Daniel Dietrich
<daniel.dietrich at okfn.org>wrote:

> Hi Ton, Antti, all
> I was hoping to catch up on this earlier. We discussed before that one of
> the first tasks of OKF would be to help aggregating a comprehensive list of
> relevant PSI sources.
> Unfortunately we did not jet clarify what this list would include. Ton has
> started the Google reader feed - witch is great. I guess that we also what
> to aggregate more information, by country like
> 1. Organisations / NGO
> 2. Projects / Civil Society
> 3. PSI re-use Companies
> 4. Other Institutions relevant to PSI and policy making
> 5. People / Movers inside Government
> 6. People / Movers outside Government
> 7. People / Movers Civil servants
> For most of them we ideally would like to have
> - Name, Title, Address, Website, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, E-Mail, Phone
> Do to privacy reasons we might not publish all of this in a "huge public
> Address book" but I think we will need it internally. Katleen said she is
> looking at the privacy issues of collecting personal data.
> However I *really* would like to get this rolling and suggest that we do it
> country by country. So Antti  could start with Finland, Scandinavia and the
> Baltic. Wile I could do Germany, and eastern Europe.
> Wile we digg into PSI in these countries we should of corse add relevant
> sources to the Google Reader.
> Also the question is what tool to use?  Professional customer relation
> software or simple Google Spreadsheet?
> Sounds like a plan? Other views on this?
> Regards
> Daniel
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