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Ton Zijlstra ton.zijlstra at gmail.com
Mon Apr 11 09:44:45 BST 2011

Hi all,

I am sorry but again this week I will not be able to make it into the conf
call. That sucks, as I haven't been in the call the past 2 times either.
This afternoon I am attending a meet-up of people from public bodies who are
working on open data projects in the Netherlands, several ministries, cities
and other psb's will be present. An opportunity to both build a stronger
network here in NL inside gov, as well as to present epsiplatform.eu and
offer them a place to showcase their stuff (which is why I was invited to
attend). However, next week I am certainly there: no other things planned
for that day :)

But to let you know what I've been up to:

I spent last week in Copenhagen, meeting up with various people:

*On PSI re-use*

1) Brigitte Alfter, Nils Mulvad are data journalists.  They are organizing a
data journalists meet-up in Brussels in May. I will attend. Juan has ok'd
spending a some seed money on this, so this is the first of our 8 events we
help with some funding. Juan also indicated he might like to attend there

2) Tine Muller, of the Danish public toilet map. Something we can make a
little showcase out of, esp as there are more projects around EU of this.

3) Cathrine Lippert at ITST, the psb responsible for open gov data in
Denmark. Cathrine will blog on our guest blog, will stay on the ball to get
her first posting soon.

Also met-up with their digitaliser.dk community manager, and with her I am
going to find out a way of cross-referencing interesting discussions from
their platform to ours and vice versa. The tech guy we need for that I also
met, and he'll be able to help us bring our content into their platform.

*On managing the project*

The people of Podio. This is the company that builds the tool we might use
for project management. I talked to them, and they have just made a major
new release, which removes the reasons I was hesitant to use their tool at
first. (I know both the funders behind it, as well as the people
leading/started the company)

We can use the tool for free with up to 10 people. It sort-of combines
Highrise (CRM) and Basecamp (project mgmt) and I've seen how they use it to
manage their own company.

I'll make a first account, and maybe Daniel, you can help me on this (fresh
eyes see different things, and I've seen the tool before)? This will also I
think address our contact mgmt issue we discussed earlier.

*Website migration:*

I have dedicated 3 days next week to scope out the new website more. Having
a conversation with Peter Rukavina about data migration tomorrow. (He has a
test website for data migration to Drupal set-up, working with a copy of our
platform that Niels/OKF created)

*Advisory Board meeting*

Katleen has been trying to find suitable dates. I think 20 or 21 June are
looking best. Esp if we can get Paul Uhlir to phone in. Otherwise I suggest
having two phone conversations with both Paul Uhlir and Marco Ricolfi
directly afterwards based on the results of the meeting. We can use the
coming weeks to determine what we want to do during the AB in more detail.

*other stuff:*

Today I will write out the communication strategy as Juan requested for the
LAPSI/SharePSI/Digital Agenda events. Along the lines of what I mailed
friday. That can serve as a template for other communication actions as
well. Will also let Juan know it will be Tom who is coming to the Digital
Agenda Assembly.

I am spending the rest of the week in Spain mostly, at the 'Digital
Citizenship' conference in San Sebastian. Will be meeting there with people
like David Eaves (open data in Canada) and Spanish data journalists, and the
people of Pro Bono Publico. Should be informative, and a good way of adding
some connections, and info-channels.

I am working from home tomorrow, so ping me if you want to catch-up with me
on Tuesday.


Interdependent Thoughts
Ton Zijlstra

ton at tonzijlstra.eu

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