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List of Possible Topic Reports that we have discussed so far:

- Licenses: Both Creative Commons and other license Systems now used in Europe. Focus on practical aspect, less on legal.
- Transport Data How is transport data used, what are good apps? What transport data can be opened up by MS?
- App contests The EU has now seen over 30 app contests, what are the results? How many apps? How many communities etc?
- 5 star scheme (including all of our discussion on the first star!)
- Emerging data tools A whole ecosystem of data tools is emerging. What tools are used by the datajourno's, by civic groups, by visualizers etc.

Other possible topics for your consideration:

- Open Data goes Hyperlocal A survey into the effects of local Open Data groups. What have they achieved? What effects have they had on society, and what sort of effects are they still hoping to find?
- Re-use of tender data How is tender Data used? Who are the re-users? What value is derived from tender data?
- Re-use of political data How is Polical Data used? What are great apps? Who are the re-users and what are their motivations?
- Re-use by Government (DO WE ACTUALLY KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THIS?) In what cases do PSB's re-use information created/shared by other PSB's?
- Open Corporate Data PSB's are not the only organizations that can open up their data. Others can too. Shadbolt spoke of Open Corporate data, but is it really happening? Any Corporation actually releasing anything?
- Re-use of Court Sentencing In what countries do the courts release all of their Sentencing as PSI? How many stars does it have? What would linked 'Sentencing' look like? How should we go forward?

Have you got any other ideas?


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Op 8 aug 2011, om 16:20 heeft Katleen Janssen het volgende geschreven:

Maybe an overview of existing licensing models and initiatives (not too legal (will be LAPSI), but as a kind of inventory for public bodies to know what's out there and what they can use as examples?)

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Hi Tom

I am sorry for the delay. I think this is a very important issue.

If country reports are not the most important thing top focus on (I am not sure about this) we have to think carefully about other topics. More inline:

On 29.07.2011, at 10:09, Tom Kronenburg wrote:

Dear all,

We have to start thinking about some new subjects for the topic reports.

We have already done a load of country reports, so better to refrain from those.

- EU Open Data... what are datasets that might be released.. What data should go into the new DataPortal...

Also tricky for a topic report. Because to answer these questions is part of the bit. Isn't it?

- Something to do with the Digital Agenda and the sharePSI workshop? Something for Ton to do?

That would be good!

Ok some other proposals:

- PSI re-use / exchange between PSB
- re-using Transport Data

- ??
- ??

What are your thoughts?


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