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Ton Zijlstra ton.zijlstra at gmail.com
Tue Dec 13 10:09:36 GMT 2011

Hi all,

I spoke to Juan this morning as planned about the Technical Report.
It was a friendly enough call. The purpose was to let us know how to give
the technical report more body. This as it's not Juan who decides on
acceptation and consequent payment.

*What is going to happen*
Juan will be sending me 2 things today.
One, an example of a previous technical report, which will be send
privately, for us to get a feeling for what he's looking for.
Two, a formal e-mail rejecting our technical report.
This gives us 15 days to respond with an adapted version, according to
procedure. He was willing to send it next week, giving us more time (until
early January) but as we had planned yesterday to do this before Christmas,
he's sending it today.

*Remarks on the content*
Report needs more structure and more 'administrative language' (for this
he's sending the example, he means referring to the contract, inception
report, proposal, using more formal language etc.)
EC decides if we are on track and doing a good job, so don't say it, sell
Describe in more detail what we did (things like, which new features in
website, what date was site launched, statistics we have)
What is the impact of what we publish (number of reads (we don't have that
in detail btw), how are our TRs read, presentations etc.
The events we visited, which ones were we think great and why, do we have
some examples/proof, what was great about our contributions
The new users, who are they, what's their role, where are they based, what
can we say about them?
Our Twitter usage and other Web2.0 usage (I told him not all the statistics
he mentioned actually exist, to which he said "I'm not active in any of
those web20 services, I don't know" :) )
Impact of TRs and legal cases
Corrective measures we intend to do to increase impact, speed things up
etc. (esp he seems to see the absence of comments on blog postings a
Sell what you have done (leave conclusions to EC)
Scoreboard: which countries do you have data for, what is the path for
acquiring the other data.
Next steps in the coming 8 months
Where are the additional news items we promise going to come from, what's
the plan
You say you are well recognized: give examples, proof, sell it
Show you've done a lot of work
Say how you are going to raise the profile of TRs
Said he thinks we're still too reactive
Update the report, follow the proposal closely.
Use more formal language.

It seemed he didn't read the explanations of indicators thoroughly as he
also mentioned things to add that are in the report already.

Keep working on it, go ahead.
Work in the thematic network part in 10/20 mins, perhaps start earlier w
the program

*Topic Report on transport data:*
add the answer to Juans questions in the report, maybe make a few more
calls/e-mail enquiries with our sources.

That's it for now.
I'll forward Juan's mail messages once they arrive.

Please read the stuff above and the attached version of the Technical
Report, so we can discuss this tomorrow at 10 and make a plan on how to
rewrite the report in the coming days. I really want this done by the end
of next week at the latest. Formally we have until 28-12.


Interdependent Thoughts
Ton Zijlstra

ton at tonzijlstra.eu

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