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Ton Zijlstra ton.zijlstra at gmail.com
Fri Jul 15 12:18:01 BST 2011

hi all,

Today we've been summoned to come to Luxembourg by Juan Pelegrin on August
17th to discuss the progress of our work. That is not a good sign, even
though on the phone he sounded more relaxed than in his e-mail, saying "I
understand that getting started is a slow process, but after six months it's
time to start delivering."

He indicated he'd like to discuss the progress on the topic reports, the
website, and the scoreboard, and on the phone added Katleen's maternity

Last Monday in our call we already discussed to make sure that we do a lot
of catching up in the coming weeks, so that we're on track by Sept 1. Sadly
Juan's summons falls right in the middle of that. We had hoped we would have
a few more weeks time.

Juan is away on holiday from now until Aug 15th.
I am also on holiday from now until somewhere in the week of Aug 8th.

I propose, based on our discussions last Monday, we aim to do the following
in the coming weeks. Please note that I would like to see us do this as a
team, and not think 'that's Tom's job' or something, and then blame him if
it's not happening. How can we assist each other in making our work easier?

*Project Management*
Indicate your absence this summer in our Podio platform (all)
Add this list of actions to Podio platform (Tom?)
Update Mastersheet in Dropbox w your latest activities (all) (so we can use
that as basis for overview of what we did do)
Go through the original tender and tick off what's been done / is on
schedule (?/Ton)
Make a short report on progress for the Aug 17th meeting based on that (?)

*Topic Reports*
Finish data journalism report (Tom)
Write Bulgaria report (Daniel)
Write Romania report (Daniel)
Make list of additional report topics (both what Juan already ok'd, and new
topics we think relevant)
Create template for TRs (Marc already did this mostly, let's strip the TR1
of its content and share that as template to use)
Design a little process in which we can as a group better prepare for
upcoming TRs (like me generating an overview of recent content in the
platform on the TR topic, etc.)

If we have 4 TRs finished and a list of titles for the rest of the year as
well as a process in place, we're 1.5 TRs behind schedule.

Finish a dummy website (Ton) (content, css, basic Drupal install w modules
needed already there. Need 4 uninterrupted days to make the working
(Peter Rukavina (tech) and Heinze Havinga (design) will assist)
I will aim to be back from holiday in time to have spent those 4 days on the
site by August 15th.

Familiarize ourselves w the proposal that we sent (all)
Draw-up a signifier set for the narrative database (Ton)

Publish written legal cases on the platform before holiday (Ton)
Write 2 more legal cases (Hans)
Publish 2 more guest blogs before holiday (Ton)
Publish about 4 guest blogs postings (Daniel)
Publish at least 10 news items per week (Daniel)
Create InfoSheets (Marc, template has been mailed to Marc, list of 20 topics
in Mastersheet)

I feel bad that this gets dropped on us as Juan leaves the office for summer
holiday. And also because I will be on holiday the coming weeks as well, so
can't really contribute right now until I get back and the new website is
the biggest blob in the pipeline of which I have mostly sole ownership and
no real way of delegating things. (But I also need some real rest).

However I am sure we can get this fixed together. All the right ingredients
are there, and on issues like news letters, mission meetings, guest
bloggers, event calendar, use of web2.0 tools, and news items we're on
schedule or ahead.

Hopefully creating this list is of help already. Is anything key missing?


Interdependent Thoughts
Ton Zijlstra

ton at tonzijlstra.eu

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