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Hi Antti,

I need to fill out all of the information for every country in the EU for the scoreboard. Do you think you can help me with Finland? I would like to schedule a short meeting with you on skype. I think we can get this done in about 45 minutes, maybe a bit more...

So would next monday (7th Nov) suit you? Somewhere in the morning perhaps?

Regards, Tom

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Op 1 nov 2011, om 11:04 heeft Antti Jogi Poikola het volgende geschreven:

Yesterday in the weekly call I suggested that I could do at some point next year a topic report on the municipal data. The work would be based on a research that I hope to do for one client (this is not sure yet). This is very early draft on my idea, please give me comments.

- Is the idea clear?
- Is this topic covered already, elsewhere?
-Other hints and ideas?



Overview on Municipal Data - what information resources typical European cities have?

Cities around the world are developing local data catalogs and opening up PSI resources for re-use. Most of the data portals only list the data sources that are available, not those that are still kept for internal use only. Currently the open municipal data is often a arbitrary selection of data sets that were opened because of low opening cost (low hanging fruits), active civil servants inside the department responsible for that data on high demand (for example the public transport data).

By viewing only the currently open data sets it is hard or allmost impossible to get big picture on what are the possibilities of municipal data. For example Helsinki has nearly 600 000 inhabitants and more than 30 000 civil servants working for the municipality - what kind of information resources the city organization produces and can these information resources be matched to similar resources in other European cities?

In the Helsinki's ICT system listing there are listed more than 400 operational IT systems from accounting to street register. All these systems are potential sources of re-usable PSI. This report aims to build a big picture on PSI resources of larger Europeas cities by comparing the ICT system listings of five midsized or large cities from five EU member states.

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