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A recent ruling by the Spanish Supreme Court has overruled the Agreement of
the Supreme Judicial Council (28th October, 2010), which approved the
Regulation 3/2010, on reuse of judgments and other legal
. After a quick reading of this decision we may conclude that the Court has
preferred not to face up with the relevant substantive issues raised by the
referred Regulation from the perspective of re-use legal framework.
Although a dissenting opinion has been supported by several magistrates,
the Court has finally decided that the Supreme Judicial Council is not
authorized to regulate re-use of judgments and other judicial information
since this function is not under its competence regarding their diffusion.
Therefore, this regulation should had been approved by the national

            You can find
Spanish version of this ruling. If you have any questions please do
hesitate to bring them up.

 Best regards,

Julián Valero


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