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Hi all,

When is the next Skype call planned? It might be good if everyone can be
present to see what we can do as a priority next week.


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Hi Marc, Tom, all,

Another action point following from the Sept 1st meeting w Juan is the
planning for the conferences.


Juan wants an e-mail in which we outline some basic points. Ideas for the
conference (topics etc.), explaining why we choose a certain location,
proposed dates.  Who is our target audience and how are we going to reach
them. In terms of audience and speakers they want us to go beyond the usual
people and we are ourselves are now part of those usual people.

The EC may want to present the PSI Directive review proposals there, so they
need to know if it is a fitting setting.

They also want to know by when we need collaboration from the EC, and what
we need from them.

Juan indicated to want to have this soon. We said we wanted to discuss this
on our Oct 7th meeting, but that is too late. So needs to be in the coming

rough notes from the conversation:

"* conferences, when where etc., by when EC collab needed. To cover

Send an e-mail w ideas for the conference, dates, locations. Explain why the
location. Ideas etc. Target audience, how to reach them. EC will present
proposal there after the review. Invite tech mag editors. Don't do the usual
suspects, I am now one of those."


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