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Hi Ton,

I’ve made some minor changes to some of the phrasing below, but this seems
otherwise perfect to me.


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Hi all, proposed text for Juan.

Dear Juan,

Having just finished our weekly conference call with the ePSIplatform team,
I am mailing you with some updates.

First of all, you asked if we could do a conference call to discuss the
scoreboard. This is of course not a problem, and we would suggest to also
take that opportunity to talk about the outline for the conference to be
held in 2012. Would you have time for a conference call on Friday morning
(30 Sept), at e.g. 10.15? If not, please feel free to suggest an alternative
that’s more convenient to you.

As a preparation for that call, we can already provide you with some updates
on practical things:

*Website*: we are currently making the new website available in the test
environment of our production server, including the migration of the
existing content into the new website. We’re still maintaining Oct 1st as
our target for having the site ready, provided we don't run into technical
issues along the way. After we’ve verified that everything is in order,
we'll switch to the new site as the new platform. I will send you the link
to the test site for the new platform later this week.


[[Marc paragraaf]] We'd be happy to hear your thoughts and discuss our draft
Friday in the conference call.

*Scoreboard*: Tom has worked out an updated and more detailed approach to
the indicators, based on your feedback earlier this month. I will be sending
you a draft version tonight, which we'd also like to discuss with you in the
conference call Friday.

*Legal cases etc*:  9 descriptions of legal cases have been uploaded during
the summer weeks, and are now on-line. Products and Services will be
showcased in the new site, as we are using a slightly different way of
formatting the content. Events are of course tracked through our event
calendar http://www.epsiplatform.eu/european_psi_open_data_events.

*Fact sheets*: The fact sheets will be uploaded to our Scribd account and
published on the platform. We have a series of topics for new fact sheets
lined up. Where the first batch covered legal aspects mostly, in the next
fact sheets we’d like to focus on more practical and technical aspects,

- data journalism

- (emerging) data tools

- linked government data

and how PSI re-use can create value in:

- new products / services

- participation

- self-empowerment

- new knowledge

- efficient government

- effective government

- transparency

In your e-mail you mentioned that some key issues might still be missing
from the list of fact sheets. During the conference call we'd like to
discuss with you what topics other than those in the list above you'd also like
to see covered.

Thank you also for your feedback on the Topic Reports. We will be publishing
them shortly, as well as promoting them through an e-mail to the
stakeholders (also covering e.g. the speech last week by Commissioner Kroes
and the now published study of Graham Vickery).



Interdependent Thoughts
Ton Zijlstra

ton at tonzijlstra.eu

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