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Ton Zijlstra ton.zijlstra at gmail.com
Tue Aug 7 22:38:54 BST 2012

Hi all,

A first draft of the 2nd Tech Report is available in the Dropbox under
Deliverables/EC Progress Reports/Tech Report 2 titled

While al lot is already in there it is certainly not yet complete:

Things I still need to do:
2.1.1-2.1.4 decide what to write here about the website, what to throw out
from the first tech report. I am inclined to keep a lot of it, as it shows
the new Project Officer what is there.
2.1.10 I've added statistics on web2.0 services, but need to write them
into the text still
2.2.1. connecting stakeholders: need to add a few examples of the past
2.2.2. new members: a tricky section
2.2.3.  (part on guest blogs is done)
2.2.5 Media outreach (I have list of press contacts I had: I*f you had any
press dealings LET ME KNOW* (what, where, when, links) so I can add them)
3 actions for coming 8 months
Annex 1: copying over the result blocks to the annex for an overview (last

All new text / edited text in the report is in* bold*.

My questions to you:
1) can you read the bold texts and provide comments/feedback
2) where you have additional info, provide that info to me in e-mail
3) have you visited open data events that are not yet listed? Please let me

I will continue work on the other sections listed above tomorrow.


Interdependent Thoughts
Ton Zijlstra

ton at tonzijlstra.eu


*Share your real life open data experiences,*
*observations and anecdotes:*
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