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Hi Ton,

If you mean the one I mentioned during the call, it’s Gzim Ocakoglu (
http://www.linkedin.com/pub/gzim-ocakoglu/0/64/8b2). How can you forget a
simple name like that?! ;-)


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September: DG Move

What is the name of the person we are contacting at dg move? Our po wants
to know.

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Dear Ton,

Could you please send us the name of the person whom you have approached in

We have a constant contact from DG MOVE who is really up-to-date on open
data issues so he can be an excellent potential candidate for being the
representative of DG MOVE in the event, I suppose. I will contact him to
check his availability.

As regards the events in Helsinki (both the ePSI Platform workshop and the
Open Knowledge Festival), we fully agree with you that it would be an
excellent occasion to meet a wide variety of players in the open data field
and these are two of the priority events for us. The reason why we
unfortunately cannot commit ourselves to actually participate in them comes
from the fact that we have a very small team here in DG CONNECT working on
open data and the PSI Directive, and we know for sure that there are a
large number of various important events scheduled basically for each day
of the week 17-21 September in which we have to participate. I believe it
is for the exact same reason that Mr Swetenham was obliged to cancel his
participation. We truly regret it but unfortunately we do not see a way to
ensure our presence in Helsinki.

Thank you in advance for sending me your contact's name in DG MOVE.

Have a nice evening,


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*Subject:* epsiplatform transport data workshop September: DG Move

Dear Szymon, Katalin,

Yesterday in our phonecall we discussed the September workshop on transport
data that we are organizing in Helsinki.

You kindly offered to help us connect to DG Move to see if they are willing
to participate as well.

We've had some contact with DG Move, but that has thus far only resulted in
our invitation to the workshop being 'forwarded internally' without
subsequent response.

So, following up on you offer of yesterday, we would highly appreciate it
if you would be able to put us in touch with people within DG Move.

Earlier Richard Swetenham had confirmed to take part from DG Connect, but
he has sadly cancelled due to pressing meetings within the EC in that same
week, regarding the PSI Directive.

In that regard we are wondering if you are able to make it to Helsinki that
week, either for the transport data workshop or the Open Knowledge Festival
that follows it. It would be a good opportunity to meet a wide variety of
people involved in open data across Europe.


Ton Zijlstra
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ton at tonzijlstra.eu


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