[epsi-coord] PSI Scoreboard worries

Ton Zijlstra ton.zijlstra at gmail.com
Tue Dec 18 12:38:02 GMT 2012

Hi Tom, all,

As discussed yesterday I am worried about the PSI Scoreboard. On 24 January
I will be presenting at the PSI Group / EC in Luxembourg and the scoreboard
is the topic of presentation, with discussion planned afterwards.

I have started to collect feedback on the current measurements through
national mailing lists, receiving useful feedback from Ireland and Italy
thusfar. However this is not feedback that can be immediately integrated
into the scoreboard, it needs additional work (looking up stuff, and
thinking through certain questions/aspects). In short, the idea of crowd
sourcing is fine, but it doesn't mean our work is easier.

Then there is also the formal feedback from EC MS that has not yet been
incorporated into the scoreboard either (mostly the UK has a valid point of
criticism, saying they are not able to score on one indicator because it
does not apply to them).

Tom, you indicated to not have time to work on this before the end of year.
Can you tell me how your schedule looks for January? Can you suggest how we
may go about this?

Ideally we publish an update to the scoreboard before the PSI Group
meeting. At the current state I am not confident in presenting the
scoreboard. I know in part we haven't updated it because of Juan and
Richard telling us to take it off line and then never coming back with
feedback. But we have been allowed to republish on 8 November, and since
then very little happened. So now the ball is in our court again, to make
sure the scoreboard is a useful and good looking tool.

For that we need to update the measurements.

Maybe in our next conference call on Thursday, we can also further address


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