[epsi-coord] A Broken Link on Your Site About National Geographic Society - Follow-up

Antti Poikola antti.poikola at gmail.com
Wed Dec 19 06:43:31 GMT 2012

Dear Erin Williams,

At the page: 

in the sentence:

"In the framework set out by these laws, some best practices have been 
developed by a number of Spanish public bodies, such as theNational 
Cadastre <http://www.catastro.meh.es/>(http://www.catastro.meh.es/) or 
theNational Geographic Institute 

The first National Geographic Institute 
<http://www.ign.es/ign/es/IGN/home.jsp>link seems to be broken, but as 
the one in parenthesis still works I believe that it is enough. The 
Epsiplatform has big amount of links and it is virtually impossibly keep 
them all audated since some of the web pages that we have linked move 
over time.

Best regards,

Antti Poikola

On 18.12.2012 21:46, Erin Williams wrote:
> Hi there,
> I wanted to follow up with you and make sure you had received my email 
> I sent a little bit ago regarding the broken link on your site 
> psiplatform.eu/topic_reports/topic_report_14_state_of_play_psi_re_use_in_spain_aporta_project/topic_report_14_state_of_play_psi_re_use_in_spain_aporta_project 
> which links to http://www.ign.es/ign/es/IGN/home.jsp.
> If you are still updating your website, I have a similar resource that 
> you can replace the broken link with if you are interested. Let me know!
> Link Replacement: http://www.learnstuff.com/national-geographic-society/
> Best regards,
> Erin Williams

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