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Marc de Vries info at devriesmarc.nl
Tue Jan 3 16:15:36 GMT 2012

Dear all,


I just had a chat with Juan. 


1.       He seemed fairly happy with our plans. He also introduced an new
colleague, Mette, in the conference call, I think he is German. He will be
assisting Juan. 

2.       The conference is going to be important. The EC insists on having a
Dutch Minister in as/when Neelie drops by (no guarantees, but Juan will
consider a fall back scenario). I said there are two ministers thinkable:
the new minster of BZK (but I explained that she is new and her position to
open data is unclear) or Verhagen. Juan wants us to have this pencilled into
the agenda of the minister. He will also contact Richard, as he had said
just before Christmas that the EC will start this from their end.

3.       The EC also wants to organize the PSI Group in Rotterdam the day
before and requests us to make the logistical arrangements. There will be
around 75 people attending and probably half will stay on for the
conference, which is nice of course. He will mention the conference in his
communication to the PSI Group.

4.       He likes our long list of speakers and is looking forward to
receive confirmations of those invited. I said we will keep him updated on a
regular (weekly) basis.

5.       As to the program:

a.       Neelie should not be part of the debate, she will leave after her
speech (the same would be advisible for Verhagen he said)

b.      He did not understand point 17 of the parallel sessions (and me
neither...): Quantified self - combination of PSI and these data. We need to

c.       He suggested to have somebody from the EC on data protection, as a
new proposal for a Directive will be coming out soon.


So, this is a definite 'go ahead' from the EC. Like discussed during the
conference call, we can turn this into a great success but everybody will
need to contribute,, as this is going to be much bigger than we had foreseen
when drafting the proposal. We have already allocated work - I will talk Ton
through coming Friday - and I am looking forward to hear about your plans
coming Monday.


Reg. M.

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