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On 21.01.2012, at 17:38, Marc de Vries <info at devriesmarc.nl> wrote:
> I’ll be at the LAPSI conference on Monday, so I will not be able to attend the phone conference.

same here.

> * I expect to arrive on Monday at the end of the afternoon. Will you be there? Will you also be there on Tuesday? As Daniel is there as well, we can probably get together and talk face to face.

That would be nice. I will be there from mo. and tu.


> I am working on the case summary for the Dutch postal codes, it should be ready for posting during next week.
> * thanks Katleen.
> Re the advisory board and sectoral expert meeting:
> I think we are allowed to review and change the sectoral experts Group. I think we should stick to the AB.
> To save travel costs I have looked who already registered:
> AB members include
> -          Natasa Pirc - no
> -          Marco Ricolfi – no, but we can catch him in Brussels on Monday. I think he can cover his costs under the LAPSI budget
> -          Paul Uhlir – no...
> -          Rolf Nordqvist - yes
> -          Richard Pettifer - yes
> Sectoral experts included in the tender are:
> -          Mr Geoff Offen, director of Landmark BV (GI sector) – he is no longer at Landmark, so we can drop his name from the list - agree
> -          Mr Ed Parsons, geospatial technologist at Google (GI sector) – this is an expensive one. I would be tempted to replace him, but he is one of your contacts I think Katleen
> -          Mr Richard Pettifer, former chairman of PRIMET (Meteo sector) – moved to advisory board
> -          Mr Ton Donker, former head of licensing at KNMI (Royal Dutch Meteorological Institute) (Meteo sector) – he has booked for the conference. He lives nearby, so I expect him to drive back on Thursday evening
> -          Mr Rainer Knyrim, Partner at Preslmayer lawyers (Legal sector) – I would like to keep him in
> -          Mr Denis Barthault (Director at Lexis Nexis) or Mr Albert Ferrer (Bosch and Spanish association of legal publishers) (Legal sector) – he has registered for the conference, also he is
> -          Mr Fredrik Sand (Stockholm Chamber of Commerce) (Business sector) – no strong feelings
> -          Mr Niklaus Futter (director of Compass Verlag, board member ISP Austria) – let’s keep him in
> Am I forgetting anyone? (it’s a good thing we didn’t have to put a section on gender issues in the proposal J)
> I agree, let’s get some ladies in!
> With regard to the agenda, have we promised the advisory board anything last time? Were there any meeting minutes etc?
> Yes, we certainly took notes. I think Tom did?
> Some ideas how to shape this up (for further discussion):
> 1.       I would merge both meetings, calling it a combined SE and AB meeting
> 2.       Agenda could like:
> a.       Update on work done
> b.      Assessment of meeting our targets
> c.       Advise how to improve
> d.      Input as to coming year, priorities, focus, etc, including input on next conference (location, issues, form)
> 3.       Time wise I think we should keep it short, as we will need time to prepare for the day after.
> 4.       I think we can also consider involving them in some of the parallel sessions
> Best regards,
> katleen
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