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Onderwerp: Today: online-consultation on German OpenGov White Paper launched
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Dear Ton Zijlstra,

Today, the Federal Government and the state of Baden-Württemberg launched an
online-consultation on an OpenGov White Paper of the German federal and
governments at http://e-konsultation.de/opengov. You may find the English
version of today's press release  as an attachment.

With this draft White Paper, the federal and state governments have agreed
for the first time on their vision for open government in Germany. It is
of a project which aims-among other things-to create a nationwide, federally
structured open government portal.

It would be great if you "spread the word" at epsiplatform.eu.

Just in case: The consultation team could be reached on twitter at

And please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions!

Best Regards,

Jan-Ole Beyer

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